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Betty Baxter's Miracle

Betty Baxter suffered progressive spinal deformity, paralysis, and multiple diseases as a child.  She was not expected to live to adulthood. She had two near death experiences as an adolescent.  Betty was dramatically healed on August 24, 1941 when Jesus came to her house.  Millions have heard her tell the story. 


I had the privilege of knowing Betty in the 1980s.  This is a genuine miracle. 


To learn more about Betty Baxter's Miracle healing go to:

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Available on Amazon

Betty Baxter's Miracle: The Day Jesus Healed a Crippled Girl.  Betty's complete testimony, in her own words(edicion en Español)

Audio Recordings of Betty Baxter's Testimony

Betty Baxter's Testmony of Healing
00:00 / 44:12
Conversion at Age 9: God's Greatest Miracle
00:00 / 35:05
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